Hiking route grades

To make it easier for you to choose a hike that suits your ability, we grade all of our set routes as one of the following.


These are walks that are suitable for people with little or no previous outdoor hiking experience.  They are perfect for an accessible introduction to the Scottish outdoors. The hiking is non-technical in nature and there is only a modest amount of ascent, i.e. walking uphill, throughout the day. Easy routes include low-level glen (valley) hikes and smaller hills. These routes can take up to 6 hours at the very most, though estimated times depend on the speed of the group. See the individual routes listed for details.


Moderate routes are suitable for the average person with a reasonable level of fitness, especially if you are looking for something a little more demanding than one of our easy hikes. Moderate hikes usually take between 4 and 8 hours (including breaks!) depending on the route and include getting to the top of at least one mountain. Some previous experience of mountain hiking is an advantage and it’s also important that you are comfortable at height (although our moderate hikes do not involve standing next to very steep drops).


Challenging hikes are a good choice if you have some previous mountain hiking experience and a good level of fitness (you need to be comfortable walking and being on your feet for a full day). Routes generally take between 7 and 12 hours, so be prepared for a challenging but rewarding day out! It’s also important to be comfortable at height because some of these hikes include walking near steep drops (i.e. exposure). At least one mountain will be summitted, and some of our challenging hikes include the ascent of several mountains.